Posted by Salzburg on 03.August 2023 in category Family

First Steps in the Photo Studio

Nice, funny, touching or heartfelt encounters often take place in our studios. We would like to share one of these encounters with you here.

Our employee Kathrin F. tells:

“On June 12 I had the pleasure with a young couple and their 1 year old son. The shoot with them was very nice, uncomplicated and very lovely photos came out. From what I saw about the camera ad and heard out from our studio, the three of them enjoyed it and despite time constraints it seemed like a very comfortable and enjoyable shoot.

The best part, however, was when the shoot was over and the parents were standing with me to pay, that their son took his first steps behind them. I found this a very sweet event, but didn’t think it was his FIRST steps.

The parents jokingly congratulated me for being there for their son’s first steps and I was very excited. I felt honored somewhere too, and I think the little tyke was really just trying to impress me.”

The parents of the 1-year-old birthday child report:

“We had a voucher from PRESS THE BUTTON and thought we’d do a photo shoot to celebrate our son’s first birthday, to capture some nice memories of him and the three of us.

We didn’t really think about how such a shoot would go with a toddler, we actually just figured out the outfits. During the enrollment, we already noticed that the little one really liked the size of the studio and the available crawling space. Once the shoot started, of course, he had to take full advantage of it right away.”

“We then just kept putting him in front of the camera to take pictures and moving him. Every now and then he just stayed seated and sometimes he crawled away. But some nice photos came out of that. Overall, we were very happy with the photos we got from the shoot.

Our tip for parents planning a visit to PRESS THE BUTTON in the future:
It’s best to think about what you want to take away from this shoot in advance, and get the right clothes and also the right poses accordingly!”


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