3 tips forbeautiful family photos

Posted by PressTheButton on 12.August 2020 in category Family,Inspiration

Have you ever tried ...

…to bring a gang of rascals, or more specifically your family, under control? There is additional difficulty in managing a photo shoot, because everyone should look nice while being in a good mood 😜 Here are three pieces of advice that are important if you want to be well-prepared for your photo shoot. If you stick to them, you can create the most beautiful family photos – without a photographer!

  1. Styling. In order to get a bunch of nice photos together, there is one thing you can keep in mind: Matching outfits! Regardless of whether everyone wears a national costume or prefers to come to the photo shoot in jeans an a t-shirt, try to make it uniform. It can also bring a certain charm to the photos if everyone is wearing plain or striped shirts, but try to avoid small-scaled patterns. By following this advice, your faces will stand out more and you come across as a unity.
  2. Pose. Just plan two to three standard poses before the photo shoot, but no more! It is way funnier to decide in the moment how to pose. This way, you can show who you really are 😉 One hack that always works is sticking out your tongue or making funny grimaces when taking a picture. This will help to get into a relaxed and natural mood and make your photos really pop!
  3. Accessories. Does everyone in your family have a different hobby? Or are you passionate about a particular sports club? Try to personalise your photos by bringing your skis, tennis rackets or a wooden spoon and a saucepan to the photo shoot. You could also wear your favourite football club’s dress or your ballerina outfit to show your interests. This makes your photos even more unique and shows who you really are.

Hooked? Find some amazing family photos below to see how these tips work: