Inner Growth, what is it?

With “Inner Growth” we describe another way of growing a business. External growth, which has been committed to almost all economic life, seems to find its purpose in pushing more euros into balance sheets year after year.

Although we, by no means, reject the euros, and just like any other company, we can only make a difference if we make money, we see no point in focusing our activities exclusively on this.

Our reason lies in inspiration, the awakening of creativity and in making people happy with our actions. Money is always a consequence for us and a means to fulfill the meaning itself.

Now, when the gaze turns away from external growth and the development of balance sheets and turns to meaningfulness, the interior becomes visible.

With “Inner Growth” we especially want to support all people at PRESS THE BUTTON, as well as other companies in their growth.

We are shaping the organizational structure of PRESS THE BUTTON, supporting teams with communication tools and crisis intervention. We offer free coaching and energetic support for each individual employee for personal, inner development. No matter if it is about private or professional topics. When something gets in the way, it stands there and hinders the individual AND the bigger picture.

Let’s take life into our own hands and see everything that stands in our way. Let us do nothing without meaning and explore our inner self. Let us live a good life!

Oh, do not forget: work is also life!

Our value cloud!This is us. That's PRESS THE BUTTON.

The values of all people included in this project can be found in this cloud. Each and everyone is asked to disclose 10 of the values that he / she actually lives. We mix the values-words-cloud.

This is how the organism that is made up of us all becomes visible. What is important to us and what we strive for.

We, that is the sum of all the thoughts being thought in the studios, studios and cubes, as well as the offices of PRESS THE BUTTON and the community of all hearts beating there.

value-cloud, june 2019

The error "work-life balance".Why work is life too.

The work-life balance paradigm tells us that we either work too little or live too little … It claims that we need to reconcile something that can not be reconciled.


Work is not the opposite of life, it is part of it. Work happens in life and not outside. Life is – of course – the bigger picture, the mother, a “state” without which work could not exist; therefore there can be no balance.

Behind the idea that a balance is needed, there is a deep lack of life and an inherent rejection of work. This rejection only leads us to make ourselves comfortable in the country of sacrifice and henceforth to endure the work.

Wouldn’t it be better to do the work than to endure it only as a necessary evil? Actually, one has to talk about “life-life-life-balance”, because it’s about reconciling the many facets of life, and work is one of them.

We want to bring work back to what it once was and always has been: a natural part of life.

In our part of the world all women and men are free; they have just forgotten that life can be shaped by themselves, not others.

Let us become a creative designer and paint a colorful, beautiful picture of our lives … Chreers to us!

Inner Growth for PRESS THE BUTTON employees & franchise partners

For all employees of PRESS THE BUTTON GmbH as well as its franchise partners and their employees we offer coachings and escorts for free.

Both in the 1: 1 setting and as a team accompaniment, we can give impulses, in crises or  “only” in a self-exploration-setting. This can be done in a real encounter, as well as via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom etc.

It does not matter if it’s about professional or private issues … Stumbling blocks are stumbling blocks and they will affect you in all areas of your life, including your job.

Whether you bring a theme, or just want to take a look inside, we’ll guide you on your very own exploration journey with tools like TheWork ™ by Byron Katie to help increase your self-efficacy.

Inner Growth for all • Presentations. Support. Reflection. Retreats.

Even for those who are neither our employees, nor franchise partners, we still have much to offer in the context of our “Inner Growth” initiative.

We accompany self-employed, entrepreneurs, leaders and teams, and especially business couples.

This support can be both a retreat over a longer period of time, as well as a conversation for new impulses and reflection.

Our main concern is to help eliminate mental barriers. From our experience, the lowest common denominator of stumbling blocks and suffering is always a thought that one believes. Discovering, exploring, and transforming these thoughts is our core competence. To offer successfull support, we use tools such as  The Work ™ by Byron Katie.
We strive for more authenticity, joy and dignity in life.

Who wants to place an impulse of us in an event, can book us for short & crisp lectures. Possible topics: New Work, Leadership without Hiearchie, Non-toxic Marketing, Conflicts only want one thing: break out, u.v.m.

Whose interest is aroused, would probably like to know something about prices:

Up to two hours personal support € 250,00 net
Up to one day retreat (without travel costs) € 1500,00 net
Up to one hour lecture (without travel costs) € 800,00 net

The Inner Growth Team

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