PRESS THE BUTTON is a franchise familyDo you want to be part of it?


We developed an idea into a successful business model and would like to share it with others. Not only does it capture the power of attraction of a strong brand, it also introduces our sophisticated workflow with its many proprietary hardware and software tools that make effective work possible.

However, we do not focus on all that filthy lucre, but we are a community of people who want to give life a meaning. We want to enrich others and let others enrich us. Moreover, we want people to burst into laughter with us!

Why franchise?

PRESS THE BUTTON is a well-engineered and established business model. Concept, as well as marketing and technology are well-approved. The demand for our project is increasing and we want to grow.

However, we do not want to grow at all costs, but with the ‘right’ people, who do not only want to get their job done, but also become part of the idea.

Our contribution


Your studio will be part of the PRESS THE BUTTON family under this protected trademark. We cultivate active communication and altogether we are so much more than the individual pieces.

Needless to say, our many years of experience will save you from making big entrepreneurial mistakes and our manual provides every information you and your employees will need for the daily business in your studio.


In order to earn money, your studio has to be perfectly organised. Furthermore, you and your employees have to show commitment where it is the most effective. With the help of our database and the fully automated online shop you are perfectly equipped right from day one.


We are taking care of all the technical questions. The equipment in your studio is as important as good support, which assists effectively when problems occur. Just call – your problem will become ours and we will solve it!


We are going to train you in image editing, marketing and entrepreneurship. You are going to select your employees and we are going to take care of their training. Choose the most likeable persons, we are going to make them great image editors.

Further Steps

Under the influence of all the good ideas flowing to our headquater we are constantly developing our systems both technically and artistically. We are permanently testing new settings, cameras and computer systems in our LAB and therefore we are at least one step ahead of our competitors. As a result, we reach an innovational strength an individual, small studio would never have.

Your contribution


The passionate energy you put into your business is the most important contribution for PRESS THE BUTTON.


You will need between €20.000 and €30.000 to fund a PRESS THE BUTTON studio.

Ongoing costs

Depending on the satisfaction of your clients a fee of 11-15% of your net sales is charged. Part of this fee is used to finance the services of the headquarter, other parts flow into a fnd for social and advertising costs, which is in turn available for the whole system. Client satisfaction is gathered monthly and influences the division of ongoing costs as you can see below.

★★★★★ 10% headquater • 0% social fond • 1% advertising fond = 11%
★★★★☆ 9% headquater • 1% social fond • 2% advertising fond = 12%
★★★☆☆ 8% headquater • 2% social fond • 3% advertising fond = 13%
★★☆☆☆ 7% headquater • 3% social fond • 4% advertising fond = 14%
★☆☆☆☆ 6% headquater • 4% social fond • 5% advertising fond = 15%

We are proud to say that, up to now, not a single studio has been graded lower than 4,5 out of 5.


You do not need to be a photographer to become our franchise partner. You neither need a business degree nor be a Mac-Guru. You neither have to have experience acquired abroad nor do you have to have attended any leadership course or marathon experience to become our franchise partner.
Your heart is everything that matters. If it is beating for our idea and we are getting along, everything will be possible.


We are people who act meaningfully, reject hierarchies and who want to experience life! First and foremost, we want to learn from others and vice versa. Success and money comes second and automatically with time.
We are a community and we do not see work as an evil necessity but as a possibility to grow. If you think similarly, get in contact with us!


Of course the income is part of the game, it is the oil that lubricates the engine. In Austria PRESS THE BUTTON has been on the market since 2011 and we are able to work independently without guaranties or bank loans. Our whole growth has been financed with our own cash flow.
We also want to reach this financial independence for our franchise partners. For this reason, we are especially going to help build healthy businesses, which provide enough vitality for unknown goals in the future.

Here is everything summarized to download!

We look forward to your franchise request!

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