Children's book made by yourself

Posted by Wels on 03.September 2020 in category do it yourself ideas

We (Viki and Kathi from the Atelier Wels) were invited to our colleagues´ son´s baptism and didn’t have a plan what we should buy as a gift, because we didn’t want to give away a run-off-the-mill gift . Two weeks before the baptism we had a flash of inspriation.

“How about a children’s book with PRESS THE BUTTON photos for the little one!”

We immediately found a suitable provider in which the photobook pages are also certified and harmless to children´s health.

The search began for a short story that was funny but also easy to readjust. We had in the studio Wels a stick dragon and a baby bouncer cow at the disposal which were also made equal to the main characters of our book. On 22 pages then the funny story “The dream of flying” was staged by us and also ordered.

Unfortunately, as always, we were badly off and the order with the book was delivered too late. Although we went to the baptism with empty hands but at a later meeting, the book was then handed over to the little one and he put it to the acid test. 😉

Even if everything does not always work for last minute, the children’s photo book was a great success for our colleague’s son.