Posted by Zürich on 23.November 2023 in category Business

A customer from Studio Zurich explains

Every now and then we ask a regular customer to tell us why she likes coming to us and what she uses the photos from the photo shoots for. One of these regular customers is Barbara Poth from Switzerland, who has often visited the PRESS THE BUTTON Studio Zurich.
Barbara writes:

I love PRESS THE BUTTON and the whole team behind it. Everything is always very straightforward and super friendly. I’ve become a regular customer for my Instagram posts. I have three different business branches and each requires different shots. For my homepages/Insta and Facebook pages, I like to use portraits of myself that I took at PRESS THE BUTTON.

Since I can shoot myself and am under time pressure (I prefer to book the shortest time possible), I don’t have to worry about how to pose, so the photos are natural and spontaneous.

For my events and culinary occasions, I also integrate photos of myself that I take at PRESS THE BUTTON.

I always book a date as a team event for the playgroup. We turn it into a happening followed by dinner. The photos are part of my homepage:

My third business is coaching, which is primarily aimed at women who are going through a separation or want to separate. Here, too, I like to choose photos of myself for my posts and my homepage.


Thank you dear Barbara for your feedback!