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Posted by PressTheButton on 07.November 2022 in category do it yourself ideas,Gift idea,Inspiration

3 Ideas for Your Quick Photo Gift

Who hasn’t experienced this, it’s your best friend’s, mum’s or sister’s birthday and the idea is to give her something personal.

The only question is, what and how? Dig out old photos and make them into a photo book? That’s a nice idea that always goes down well, but wasn’t that a photo gift from 3 years ago? A nice alternative is a photo bomb that you can fill with photos and text as you like – and there’s also room in the middle for a voucher, money or a small gift.

But what can you do if you don’t have the time to make elaborate gifts? Or worse: when the photos are on your broken hard drive?

Our 3 ideas for your photo gift, where you don’t need photos to give, should help you and boost your creativity!

1. Picture Frame without a Photo, with the Announcement of Having One Soon

What you need: a nice picture frame, a sheet of paper (white or coloured), pens and craft materials.
How it works: Simply write your gift on the sheet of paper and decorate it. For example, you can give an activity as a gift: a breakfast together, 3 rides at the next fair or a weekend at the Baltic Sea together. The joint photo of the activity then has the perfect place in the picture frame.
…the PRESS THE BUTTON Tip: If you give away an online voucher from us, this is a creative way to package the voucher beautifully!

2. One Picture Frame - Several Gifts

What you need: a multi-piece picture frame (optionally several individual ones – and put them together yourself to make a multi-piece picture frame) or an empty small photo album.

You want to give away a whole day of activities together or a city trip is planned. – Then simply add an activity to each picture frame. The day starts with your favourite breakfast restaurant, continues with an exhibition you’ve always wanted to visit and ends with an evening of dancing. An all-round unique day for both of you. And the best thing about it: every single point of your day is captured with a photo and later added to the picture frame.

…little tip: with a disposable camera, you won’t be so quickly tempted to snap the perfect photo and repeat it endlessly, so you can enjoy the moment more. Just give the camera as a gift – you can find them in almost every drugstore.

3. A Calendar - Still without Photos

What you need: a blank craft calendar, 12 stamps and 12 envelopes.

This idea is particularly popular at Christmas, but it can also be put to good use during the year, with a calendar that is not year-specific.

The cover page is designed, the other pages remain blank. Since fewer and fewer letters are being sent, grandmas and grandpas or aunts will certainly be happy to have a photo to stick in themselves each month. A few nice words or news from life make the calendar very individual.

…the PRESS THE BUTTON tip: if you already want to give a filled calendar as a present, you can get some tips on calendar shooting at PRESS THE BUTTON…

Do you still need suitable photos for your gift?... feel free to drop by one of our locations!