Couple photo shoot

Posted by PressTheButton on 03.October 2019 in category Couples

Professional couple photos - so easy!

In a relationship, tons of snapshots are collected on cell phones and co. What about a professional photo shoot?

Unfortunately, you quickly realize that this can be an expensive affaire. The good thing: it doesn’t have to! In a PRESS THE BUTTON photo shooting you have the opportunity to produce photos under professional conditions, without having to dig deep into your pockets. The special feature: You are all by yourself!
You get various props and accessories, start a music playlist you like and have professional equipment in the studio you shoot with.

So you can be creativ and get pictures that show you as you are and screaming when looking at them: “We are Bonnie and Clyde, Tarzan and Jane – we are the A team, unbeatable!”.
After your shooting, your pictures get the final touch and voilá: there it is – the perfect gift for your anniversary, for your darling´s birthday.  Made with love ♥