How does it work?

Before the photoshoot day

The first step to the photoshoot is booking through our online calendar. You can choose between 20, 40 or 60 minute shooting slots. If you have any questions about the calendar, please feel free to contact us.

The photoshoot day

Shortly before we start, you will get a detailed explanation from our staff how the cameras and remote controls work, as well as tips & tricks. Of course, this does not affect your booked time – which starts thereafter.

After that you can rock our studio with your loved ones! You can dance, jump, cuddle, pose or just stand perfectly still. Immediately after the “click” you’ll see your photos on a screen – lots of accessories & props will spark your creativity!

During the whole photoshoot you and your companions are alone in the studio – no other person (e.g. photographer) is present. So you can use our cameras, remote controls and backgrounds for great pictures without being disturbed and with the full energy of your group.

-> Of course, you can always contact our staff during the shooting, who will already take care of the processing of the pictures outside of the studio.

Tips & Tricks:

  • –  Powder & Co. If possible, cover shiny spots on your face with matte powder before the shooting or dab them with a dry tissue!
  • –  Keep clothing simple. Unruly patterns distract from the face; especially with groups, it’s better to dress simply and uniformly (everyone in the same outfit).
  • –  Ideas. If you need ideas for your posing, ask our staff member at your introduction at the beginning, he or she will have a bunch of ideas in store for you!
  • –  No expectations. The pictures turn out best if you don’t expect anything in particular and take chance as an opportunity. Especially with children it works very well, if they can just be as they are …

After the photoshoot

After the photoshoot we will start editing your photos. Each of your images will be viewed, sorted and edited by our staff.
The processing of your photos can take up to 3-5 business days. Right after that you will receive a link to your online gallery. You can then choose and purchase your photos online from the comfort of your own home.


We are image-editorsHow we process your images (german)



Our studios also have a fat sound to offer! This makes a PRESS THE BUTTON photo shoot an even more fun event…

Our tip: compile a playlist for your photoshoot at home! In our studios you can then connect your smartphone to our system via Bluetooth and off you go!



We will provide you with many props, from wigs to balloons. But you are welcome to bring your own accessories!

Want to do a photo shoot in Zürich?

No matter if you come with family, pets, team or your friends - we are happy to meet at your shoot!
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