Cameras 3
Backgrounds 3
Max. No. of people 15
Suitable for Paare, Verlobung, Familien mit Kindern im Grundschulalter & darüber, Gruppen von FreundInnen, Babybäuche, Kindergeburtstage, Tiere, JGAs
Special features
Suitable for everyone and everything. With it you do everything right and nothing wrong. It promotes spontaneity and creativity!

Shooting prices

Shooting prices
20 minutes 59 CHF
40 minutes 118 CHF
60 minutes 177 CHF

Photo pricesper photo, digital

Photo prices per photo, digital
Single image 6 CHF
AllrounderBook appointment

Details Price

The price of a Press the Button Shoot consists of the basic fee which depends on whether you do a 20, 40 or 60 minute shoot and the number of pictures you choose. One picture costs CHF 6.-, from the 25th picture CHF 5.50 and from the 40th picture CHF 5.- For each shooting there is therefore an individual total price.
You get the pictures DIGITAL in very high resolution and are therefore completely flexible as to what you want to do with your pictures.

You don’t have to decide in advance how many pictures you want to buy. You can decide that as soon as we send you your login (3-5 days after the shoot) and you can comfortably choose your pictures at home.

Example: You come to us for 20 minutes and then choose 10 pictures. This results in the following costs: CHF 59.- basic fee + CHF 60.- for the 10 selected pictures = total cost of your shoot CHF 119.-.