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You are the photographer

PRESS THE BUTTON is the first professional Do-It-Yourself photo studio. With us there is no “behind the camera”, just one in front.

How is that supposed to work? It’s easy. You get the remote controls in your hand and get started.

Each camera “sees” you from a special perspective:
This gives you the opportunity to take cool, beautiful, elegant pictures.

Immediately after the “click” you can view the picture on a large screen without leaving the set!

Tips for your Christmas shooting

To make your pictures really great, we’ve put together a few tips for your Christmas shoot:

  • Choose an appropriate time for the shoot: getting great photos with hungry or tired kids is sometimes difficult.
  • Arrive at the studio 10-15 minutes before the shoot so there is no stress situation and everyone can still go to the restroom, you can touch up the lipstick, etc. (ATTENTION: there is currently NO elevator in Zurich).
  • Go through the procedure of the shooting with the children: you could agree, for example, that the first 15 minutes the parents decide what will be done. The last 5 minutes the kids get to decide e.g. with funny accessories, jumping photos etc.
  • Also remember to take some photos WITHOUT accessories. A nice family picture without Christmas bling is super nice and looks good in your home from January to September.
  • Bribery in the form of sweets sometimes works wonders (recommendation: small gummy bears or similar, which is also quickly swallowed).
  • Your dog is a family member and may of course come along to the shooting (if housebroken).

StudioWhere spontaneity and chance rule.

In our STUDIO you will find 3 cameras – one camera on the ceiling; one for portraits and a camera that captures the whole room. Next to each camera there is a monitor that shows the last picture taken.

The special thing about the studio: Here you can see the picture two seconds after you’ve made it. You try out yourself, pose, laugh, just do it and then let yourself be surprised by the result.

The advantage of the studio: The fact that you only see the result afterwards creates magical creativity in the studio. The pictures are incredibly funny, spontaneous and creative – we are always thrilled by the creative power of this setting.

For whom is the studio?
For everyone who says “hello” to chance, couples, engagements, families with children of primary school age and above, groups of friends, baby bellies, children’s birthdays, animals, JGAs.

Facts: max. 10 people (up to 6 optimal); 3 cameras, 3 backgrounds, 59 CHF / 20 minutes, 6 CHF / image (edited, digital).

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