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Corona SituationWe are open!

Security is very important to us, which is why we have implemented the following additional protective measures:

  • Please disinfect/wash hand when entering the studio
  • Keep at least 1.5 meters distance
  • We disinfect constantly – please do not take this personally 😉
  • To avoid that too many people meet in the studio, we have extended the breaks between the shoots. This means that fewer shoots are available and punctuality is important. If you do meet other clients, we have enough space in our facilities to keep the minimum distance to other people.
  • Bring your own props – depending on the material and use of the props we have adapted and reduced our offer. Therefore you are welcome to bring your own props (e.g. sunglasses, ski helmet, soft toys, etc.) for your photo shoot.

We look forward to seeing you

Catrin, Eveline and Martina

zero to ONEBaby photography at PRESS THE BUTTON, so sweet!

zero to ONE always takes place in our converted STUDIO. Our technology for baby photography is being converted especially for this format. You have 3 cameras available – one camera on the ceiling; one for portraits and one with ground perspective. Next to each camera there is a monitor that shows the last picture taken.

The special thing about zero to ONE: We have tailored everything specifically to babies who are from a few weeks to a year old. Whether camera perspective, light or accessories – everything is geared towards the very small, new inhabitants of the earth.

The advantage of zero to ONE: Beautiful baby photos that you took together with a lot of love and the new citizen yourself, without having to adjust to a photographer … Forever a memory of the very short baby time.

For whom ist zero to ONE? Basically for babies from a few weeks to one year. However, the focus is clearly on the very small, sweet newborns. At zero to ONE, the baby is in the foreground and of course mom, dad and siblings are allowed to appear in the picture. However, zero to ONE is not suitable for pure family photography.

Facts: max. 5 people; 3 cameras, 3 backgrounds, 132 CHF / 40 minutes, 6 CHF / image (edited, digital).

StudioWhere spontaneity and chance rule.

In our STUDIO you will find 3 cameras – one camera on the ceiling; one for portraits and a camera that captures the whole room. Next to each camera there is a monitor that shows the last picture taken.

The special thing about the studio: Here you can see the picture two seconds after you’ve made it. You try out yourself, pose, laugh, just do it and then let yourself be surprised by the result.

The advantage of the studio: The fact that you only see the result afterwards creates magical creativity in the studio. The pictures are incredibly funny, spontaneous and creative – we are always thrilled by the creative power of this setting.

For whom is the studio?
For everyone who says “hello” to chance, couples, engagements, families with children of primary school age and above, groups of friends, baby bellies, children’s birthdays, animals, JGAs.

Facts: max. 10 people (up to 6 optimal); 3 cameras, 3 backgrounds, 59 CHF / 20 minutes, 6 CHF / image (edited, digital).

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