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Team Zurich

And now to the most important: Ta-dah! Our amazing employees!

We are Martina, Catrin and Corinne and we love what we do! Namely, to put a smile on your faces. At the latest when you look at your pictures at home.

How did Press the Button Zurich come to be?

In October 2017 (it was a Friday the 13th and our lucky day), I “officially” started my life of self-employment. Press the Button Zurich opened its doors. 3 years later, I can only say: YES, it was absolutely worth the effort. There is nothing better than seeing customers year after year because the annual Press the Button shoot has now become routine. Children asking when we are going to Press the Button again or hearing the loud laughter and giggles during the shoot.

How I came across Press the Button myself: In the fall of 2016 – my son was a few weeks old and my daughter was 2 years old – I wanted to do a shoot like this myself. My friend in Austria had often told me about her shoots at Press the Button in Austria. Then I started looking for a few nice family photos for Christmas so that everyone would finally be in the picture.

I was sure that there was “something like that” in Switzerland too. But unfortunately not. But I got stuck on the Austrian website where Press the Button was offered as a franchise.

And then it started to rattle around in my head and an image of my own studio in Zurich formed in my mind. After a few sleepless nights, I got up the courage to simply send an inquiry there.

At Christmas, when we visited our family in Austria, we also met Martin, the founder of PTB in Austria, for the first time. The first test shoot took place in February, after which my husband and I crunched the numbers and made our decision: I dare to take this step into my “part-time self-employment”. When the perfect location in Zurich Brunau was advertised, we knew that everything should be as it is.

Looking back, I can’t remember exactly how we managed it all, but it was worth it:

Live your dream.
Love what you do.
And the great thing about our job – it rarely feels like work.

In the following lines you will find reports from the last few years where we have been featured:

Nadja Zimmermann and her family visited us for a Press the Button photo shoot. She writes about how they fared here:


The Mamalicious team finally wanted to have some Christmas photos together and they all came to the Press the Button studio:


Swisscom reported on my start into self-employment:

«Manchmal muss man im Leben einfach etwas wagen»

Do you have any questions about your Press the Button shoot in Zurich? You can contact me at any time on 044 / 885 00 55. If I’m not available, just leave me a message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.


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