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Posted by PressTheButton on 06.February 2020 in category Couples,Inspiration

L-O-V-E. You’re thinking about the person that has a very special place in your heart all the time. But in everyday life, you usually focus on work, uni or other tasks without investing enough time in your relationship. On the one hand, you want to spend every minute of the day together, but on the other hand, reality often thwarts your plans.

To make waiting easier and to satisfy your longing (at least partially), you could look at photos of you and your partner. Full of love, displaying your affection or playful: your photos can show your relationship in all its facets.

These snapshots are incredibly precious, and they are even better when the quality is really good and they look different from boring couple photos. And here it gets difficult! Which photographer should you go to? You have the opportunity to go to a good photo studio, but that’s not that cheap. And you could easily choose the wrong one, as there are many amateur photographers out there, whose routine and knowledge is not comparable with professional photographers.

To escape this dilemma, you need something totally different: A DIY photo studio. DIY means DO IT YOURSELF, so you’re photographer and model at the same time. You don’t need to do what a photographer, who doesn’t even know you well, tells you to do. You can be yourself and show every part of your personality.

PRESS THE BUTTON is some type of photo booth, but way bigger and more professional. You can use three cameras with different perspectives and 3 different backgrounds. You can take the photos with remote releases and decide by yourself how to pose and how you want to look like. Everything is possible! After your photo shooting, our professional photo editors take care of your photos and edit them, so you get the perfect studio shots. 

In the comfort of your own home or wherever you want to be, you can select the photos you want to buy in our online shop. You’ll be able to choose how many photos to purchase and thus, also the price you are going to pay. 

You could, for example, do more photo shootings over a period of time to see how you’ve changed. If you want to surprise your significant other, you could buy a gift card or just take them to a photo shooting appointment without telling them anything before. 

Celebrate your relationship and show your love with PRESS THE BUTTON photos. 

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