Posted by PressTheButton on 25.October 2022 in category Pets

3 Tips for a Shoot with a Cat or Tomcat

Keep Calm.

In order not to make the cats restless, it is important to remain calm yourself. If the cat’s or tomcat’s “subordinates” remain calm, many a stubborn ball of fur can also remain more chilled out. An important trick: Come to the shooting 10-15 minutes early so that you and the four-legged friends have some time to find peace before it starts.


Bribery is the name of the game, not only with the kids, but also for your pets! Pack the tastiest snacks for your favourite fur balls. To get your cats to look at the camera or sit in the frame, it certainly requires a few treats! 😉

Play and Action

You can take cool action photos of your cats chasing feather toys or jumping in the air with the right toys. Important: it’s best to ask a friend to take an extra person along for the cat shoot to take the remote shutter release for you.
TIP: I heartily recommend this, as getting the cats and the camera under “control” at the same time is not as easy as I thought 😉