Business photos and team building

Posted by PressTheButton on 28.February 2022 in category Business,Inspiration

Taking new photos for business has been on your to-do list for far too long? We have an idea that can also be wonderfully implemented as a team activity!

Authenticity, professionalism, creativity – the demands on pictures for your own company are quite high, as they are often used as a figurehead for the entire company. Do-it-yourself studio photography has one advantage: YOU have it in your hands – or to be more precise, the appropriate remote shutter button – which makes it easy to realise your own ideas!
Thanks to several cameras, there’s the ideal perspective for every moment. This is how real, incomparable images are created – which is representative of something that is becoming increasingly important for the external image: Uniqueness and credibility.

Everyone knows it: a certain “feeling of shame” that sets in as soon as the camera is pointed at you. The insecurity is then often reflected in the pictures – you have the feeling that you cannot authentically convey the “I”.
With PRESS THE BUTTON, this crucial “inhibition factor” is eliminated: you are undisturbed in your shooting room, photographing yourself – and almost casually, because the cameras are virtually invisible! This is the easiest way to capture your favourite moments and the best way to convey the specific image you want to convey of yourself.

Our tip: Have a rough photo concept in mind before the shoot! Get inspired online and try to showcase the unique selling point of your business. Special utensils, clothing and the like can give the whole thing additional individuality.

At the same time, you can use a PRESS THE BUTTON visit as an activity that bonds you together as a team. The group photo shoot includes steps that are entirely in the spirit of collegial cooperation: Joint planning, implementation and subsequent photo selection.
The second point, namely the photo shoot itself, should be the highlight! If you want, you can bring your favourite personal accessories and listen to your own or one of our PTB Spotify playlists in the background. Just let yourself be driven by the experience and the shared fun of taking pictures. The result is images that will be kept as a personal memento of your favourite colleagues, or as a print – if not in canvas form – to adorn the office!

Discover the diversity of business photography at PRESS THE BUTTON… Let’s go!

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