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Photogenic - What is it?

According to the dictionary, the word photogenic means: “being able to be photographed well, particularly suitable for photographing or filming”… but does that actually exist? Are there really people who ALWAYS look great in photos?

Honestly, I think whether you are photogenic or not depends on your mood. Everyone has a bad day and especially as a woman I know how hard it often is to give yourself and your body enough sincere love or just acceptance.

But how do you manage to look good in photos and feel great, smart and sexy?

Sure – the ultimate miracle cure I have unfortunately also not. But I know from myself what does me good and strengthens my self-confidence.

Maybe these things will help you too:

  • Do something good to feel good in your own body. I turn on my favorite music and dance around the apartment or do yoga to improve my body image. Maybe something completely different like listening to a podcast on the topic or cooking something good is helpful for you….
  • Exercising in front of the mirror. Sounds dumb, feels weird but it helps if you already know how to use your face and body to take great photos.
  • Compliment yourself. Yes, this can be a weird situation when you’re standing alone in front of the mirror and talking yourself up, but it really helps and I always feel better about my body afterwards.
  • No-Stress Area. Plan enough time before and after the shooting, especially if you don’t come to us alone.
  • Prepare yourself well. Take your time to get dressed up at home if you want to. Bring your clothes for the shooting and change quickly on the spot. This way you avoid possible stains on your clothes.
  • You know yourself – you know what suits you. Wear nice clothes that you feel comfortable in.
  • Loosen up. It’s often hard to let yourself go during a shoot. Just make a few faces in front of the camera or ask the Press the button team to play your favorite song and dance a round in the studio.

I hope you can now come to the photo shoot relaxed and confident and take really cool photos! 🙂
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Happy Shooting!