Showing Love

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The Human Being, a Loving Creature

Is it not one of the most beautiful qualities of human beings to be able to show love to their fellow human beings? The ability to love and the gift of being loved is perceived by many as fulfilling or even vital. Literature is full of famous stories about love and the ups and downs associated with it. Even the ancient Greeks thought about love and defined three types of love: eros, romantic love; philia, friendly love; and agape, selfless love.

Love in Everyday Life

What concerns many people is love in everyday life. How do you live love, partnership, friendship and family? How do you express motherly love, fatherly love, sibling love, neighbourly love and friendship? How do you deal with conflicts in love relationships, friendships and in the family? Many guidebooks have been written about this and there are countless couple and family therapists, coaches, seminars and courses that deal with these questions.

5 Languages of Love

Without being able to fully comprehend love and all its forms, there is one thing we can do at any time: we can express or show our love to a loved one. Praise and appreciation, time together, gifts that come from the heart, helpfulness and tenderness are the five languages of love, according to couples and relationship counsellor Gary Chapman. What matters, according to the author, is that you not only master your own mother tongue of love, but also learn the language of love of your partner, friends or children, so that you can understand each other better.

Show Love with Praise and Appreciation!

Observe the people you love and try to see when they have made an effort or done something with a lot of care. Try to see that all they do or embody is not to be taken for granted. And then express your appreciation honestly and from the heart, thank them or compliment them. You will see that this can not only be good for your relationships, but also for yourself.

Showing Love through Time Together!

An expression of great appreciation or love is to give someone your time. Your time in life is the most precious thing you have, so it is only wise to spend it with the people you love and cherish. Find opportunities for shared activities or interests, for outings in the city or in nature. A good and fun way to spend time with your loved ones is, for example, a do-it-yourself photo shoot at PRESS THE BUTTON.

Show Love in the Form of Gifts that Come from the Heart!

Some people have perfected this language of love. They observe their loved ones well and find out what gives them pleasure, what they want and which things and activities they particularly like. On the next occasion, they know exactly what to give and also take great pains to present the gift on time, beautifully wrapped and lovingly. However, even for those less gifted in this language of love, it is possible to give gifts from the heart. Vouchers or things that can be used up, for example, are always a good idea. The fact that you have thought of the recipient is what counts.

Show Love in the Form of Helpfulness!

Being there for each other is a clear sign of affection and love for many people. “If I can do something for you, then get in touch!”, “Can I support you?” and similar phrases, if they are meant honestly and seriously, are a sign of love in this language. Even small acts of kindness or favours can enrich the relationship and are considered loving gestures.

Show Love as Tenderness!

Hugs, loving touches and caresses show your love directly. Not in all relationships and all situations is this language of love appropriate, but you will rarely see a mother comforting her small child without touching it. Also, in some families or circles of friends it is customary to hug each other as a greeting and goodbye, but in others it is not. Therefore, it is good to use this language of love with much openness and respect. In love relationships and partnerships, it can be very helpful to talk about which touches and caresses are desired and beneficial at a given moment, and which are not.

Visible Love as a Source of Joy

Whatever expression of love you choose, don’t hesitate to make it visible even without an occasion. Not only on birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, but also in between showing your loved ones how important they are to you can be a source of joy for them as well as for you. Just try it out and show your love! We wish you lots of fun and joy!