Hot presents!A photo shoot gift card is a 100% personal present.

Posted by PressTheButton on 13.December 2019 in category Gift idea

Why PRESS THE BUTTON vouchers are very personal Christmas gifts

Year after year, we’re asking ourselves the very same questions before Christmas: Which presents am I going to give to my loved ones this year? How can I make presents that are personal and don’t look like I have bought them one day before Christmas?

Of course I could learn to crochet or create something with glue, thread and paper to channel my inner artist. Although I wasn’t born to do handicrafts, some mulled wine might help me to get creative. Even if this might not be the healthiest approach, I would be willing to do it anyway. Only this way I can get the most personal presents for my family and friends, am I right?

To be honest: I can already predict my family’s reaction to my artistic effusions. It would be something between disappointment and horror, which would be terrible for me. Such a reaction after all this hard work would be apocalyptic.

So, how can I get personal gifts without having to do handicrafts for hours? What are even personal gifts?
It’s quite easy, actually! Personal presents show that you have listened to your loved ones. A part of you is interwoven with the gift, because you have either created it yourself or charged it with all your positive energy. You don’t just pay a specific sum of money and that’s it.

What is it that makes a PRESS THE BUTTON gift card „personal“? I mean, since it’s also bought…

  • You’re not gifting an object, but an event that hasn’t happened yet. To be more precise, with the gift card, you give away a promise to do a PRESS THE BUTTON photo shooting. This way your loved ones can look forward to experiencing something special. At the same time, they take amazing photos for their family album or kitchen walls. The thrill of anticipation that comes with a PRESS THE BUTTON gift card is what makes it personal.
  • If you also want to join your loved ones when they redeem their voucher, your present becomes even more personal. You’ll also be part while they’re creating new memories, and you’ll all have hilarious photos afterwards!
  • You can also add your personality to the photo shooting, which will make the photos even better! You could either bring some accessories that have a special meaning to you and use them in your photos. Additionally, you could collect ideas for poses beforehand and add them to the voucher to make the present even more individual.

From this perspective, a PRESS THE BUTTON gift card manages the impossible: It is both as personal as if you’d created it yourself and you can buy it easily.

Every PRESS THE BUTTON employee tries to create an extraordinary experience for you while you take the most valuable photos. Creativity is in our veins and we’ll also infect you with it.
We’re trying to inspire with different ideas, accessories and photo backgrounds. After your photo shooting, we edit every photo manually. Our top priority is quality!

Choose it, buy it and give it away immediately!

The easiest way to get hold of your gift cards is by visiting our online shop. Just pick the voucher you want and buy it; it will then be available for download after a few minutes and ready to be given away as a personal Christmas present.
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