The Studio

The studio has 3 cameras and 3 backgrounds. After a photo has been taken with the remote control, the last photo taken is displayed on a screen next to the camera. This creates funny and spontaneous pictures. The studio is an all-rounder.

The Atelier

The atelier has 4 cameras and 4 backgrounds. The big difference here is the better technology and the live view. That means you see the photo before you trigger, like when you look in the mirror. The camera is hidden behind the mirror and so every look ends up directly in the camera.

The Cube

The Cube has 3 different square boxes in which you can do gymnastics and take photos. There is also a rotating wall with 2 backgrounds. Only cool square pictures are created here.

behind the CURTAIN

Here the focus is on sensual and slinky photography. The 2 cameras and the light setting are perfect for lingerie and bare skin. Show what you have! You are unique! Clothing is a hindrance here. (more information)