How does it work?


You are most important, because you are the photographer!
 What sounds like a photo booth is in fact a proper full-sized photo studio!

After a short introduction you can get started right away, just start using our remotes. Just start using our self-timers. Dance, jump, kiss, huddle together, pose or just stand still.

Right after the “Click” you can look at your photo, which is displayed on a monitor.

Helpful hints and tricks:

  • Powder & Co. If possible, try to avoid shiny spots in your face by using matte powder
  • Keep your clothes simple.  Restless patterns distract from your face, especially groups should try to dress uniformly and simply.
  • Ideas. In case you need ideas for posing, ask our employees during the introduction and they will give you some helpful suggestions.
  • No expectations. As we all know candid pictures are always the best. The more relaxed you are and the more fun you are having, the more natural your pictures will be. Especially with kids, let them be themselves, so that you can capture their free spirit.


Our studios offer a great sound system which makes your PRESS THE BUTTON photo shoot a unique experience!

Our advice: Create a playlist for your photo shoot, then connect your smartphone or iPod (headphone jack) with our equipment and you are ready to go!



We will provide you with enough accessories – from ballon to wig – but of course you can also bring your own adornments.



After you have left our studio, the image-editing process starts. We will adjust the exposure, crop the photos and all in all improve the quality of your images. Everything is done by humans, no machines! Thousands of hours are invested in editing the PRESS THE BUTTON pictures because we believe that a machine does not have the same keen eye for a good photo like a motivated person with a big heart. Our well-trained employees only want one thing: deliver you the best photos you can imagine!

The employee who welcomes and guides you is also going to be your editor. Your good pictures are going to be transformed to splashy PRESS THE BUTTON photos!



You get your pictures certainly within the next five days. You will receive an email with the login data to a password-protected online gallery. You can then select and order your photos from the comfort of your home.

As a basic principle, you will buy the digital photo files in the highest resolution with unrestricted usage rights. About ten minutes after you have completed your order, you will receive an e-mail where you can download your photos.

The fine print:

  • There will be no photographer at your PRESS THE BUTTON photo shoot. Really. No joke.
  • We add color effects to your photos, but do not retouch anything. Why would you need retouched photos?
  • Fun is our highest priority! Your smile generates the best photos in the whole wide world.
  • Of course you can also book two or more time slots at a time.
  • Please be on time, appointments are clocked and cannot be postponed.
  • The base fee has to be paid cash or with card right after the photo shoot.
  • Your photos will be edited after the shooting; within the next 3-5 days you can comfortably select it at home, password-protected, and buy it for CHF 6.00 per digital image!

Want to have a photo shoot?

Come around with your family, pets, your colleagues or a bunch of friends, just book an appointment and have fun.
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