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We, too, must provisionally close by 19.4.2020...

The measures ordered by the federal government prescribe that we have to keep our studio closed at least until April 19, 2020.

However… our online booking tool is open 24/7!

You can always book appointments for the time after Corona or buy online-vouchers.
Lets remind ourselves that all of us are creative and fun-loving beings and lets already now looking forward to doing fun activities together.

A booked PRESS THE BUTTON appointment is a statement for the joy of life, let’s hold it up!

You are the photographer!

PRESS THE BUTTON is the first professional Do-It-Yourself photo studio. With us there is no “behind the camera”, just one in front.

How does it work? You will trigger our cameras with remote releases. Roll it!

What sounds like a photo booth is in fact a full-sized photo studio with several cameras from different perspectives!

Right after you “Click” the photo is displayed on a monitor.

Want to know more?

Grab your loved ones and off to the photo shoot!
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