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You are the photographer!

PRESS THE BUTTON is the first professional Do-It-Yourself photo studio. With us there is no “behind the camera”, just one in front.

How does it work? You will trigger our cameras with remote releases. Roll it!

What sounds like a photo booth is in fact a full-sized photo studio with several cameras from different perspectives!

Right after you “Click” the photo is displayed on a monitor.

We are open!

We are very happy that we can open again from May 13

Please note that currently only people living in the same household can do group shoots. From June 6th on shoots with your friends, godmother/godfather, grandmother/grandfather are allowed again.

Security is very important to us, which is why we have implemented the following additional protective measures:

  • Please disinfect/wash hand when entering the studio
  • Keep at least 2 meters distance
  • We disinfect constantly – please do not take this personally 😉
  • To avoid that too many people meet in the studio, we have extended the breaks between the shoots. This means that fewer shoots are available and punctuality is important. If you do meet other clients, we have enough space in our facilities to keep the minimum distance to other people.
  • Bring your own props – depending on the material and use of the props we have adapted and reduced our offer. Therefore you are welcome to bring your own props (e.g. sunglasses, ski helmet, soft toys, etc.) for your photo shoot.
  • We look forward to seeing you

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