Faces!Group picture with your loved ones.contactless & extremely cool.

Faces!How does the coolest group photo ever work?

Faces! is the new, super flexible and cool group picture! It doesn’t matter where or when you take the necessary individual pictures – we’ll put them together in a collage. Even if you live in different households, a collective picture is created.

… and a really cool one at that.

Faces! shows people in multiple facets; every single picture is perfect and sparks the urge to discover and smile. This makes a Faces! collage the perfect option for photos of large groups (10-50 people)! The classic group photo usually becomes more and more boring as the number of people increases (keyword class photo), moreover, it is unavoidable that some people do not look as they would like and finding a date together is almost impossible anyway.

A Faces! collage consists only of top pictures; time and place of the shoot do not matter and the most important thing: it will be a real eye-catcher on your wall!

What is Faces!?

Faces! is a compilation of portraits with different facial expressions. Each person is represented 3 times:

  • Laughing (colour)
  • Cool ( nearly-black and white)
  • Crazy / Grimace (nearly-black-and-white)

What are the advantages of Faces!?

  • Group pictures can be taken even though the people depicted live in different households or are separated by many kilometers.
  • You can take the pictures at different times in different places and still get a collective picture.
  • Faces! is a great and flexible way to take contemporary, cool pictures of large families of about 10 people or more. It doesn’t have to be a dusty class photo…
  • A Faces! collage shows different aspects of people’s personalities and is therefore not only more diverse, but also much more unique than a “normal” group photo.
  • Patchwork families have completely new possibilities to put together group photos as needed!
  • Creating the individual photos takes very little time; about 1 minute per person. So you can also see it as an experiment and just give it a try.

What do you have to do to make a Faces* collage?

First of all, you’ll need an appointment for a normal shoot in a studio or atelier.

Let our local staff know that you would like to do a Faces! collage. They will show you exactly what to pay attention to before your shoot.

It’s very simple: we need 3-5 individual photos of each person with different facial expressions; this will only take you about 1 minute per person!

–> Please pay attention to the current contact restrictions that apply at your desired location.

How many people are allowed to come to a shoot?

In Austria and Germany, only people living in the same household are currently allowed to attend a shoot together. In Switzerland, a maximum of 10 people.

At all PRESS THE BUTTON locations, the local hygiene regulations and the wearing of a mouth/nose protection apply!

Faces! offers the advantage of combining photos into a collage across time and place, even if the people of the individual shoots do not live in the same household, for example!

What happens after the shoot?

We’ll edit all your images and place them in an online gallery for you to choose from. In parallel, we’ll work on your Faces! collage, which we’ll present to you after your order.

How much does a Faces! collage cost?

First of all we present the collage to you completely without obligation. All you have to invest in advance is the basic fee for the shoot (from € 33.00 / CHF 59.00).

We will present the collage to you as soon as it is ready. Only then will you decide whether you want it… If you do, we charge € 3.00 (CHF 6.00) per picture used. At this price you will receive the Faces! collage and the individual pictures in digital form.

Faces! usually only takes up a small portion of the shoot, so in addition to the Faces! portraits, there will be many more images that we will present to you in an online gallery. If you order images from there, we charge € 3.00 / CHF 6.00 per selected digital image.

In addition, you can also order the collage as a poster or on canvas from us, here are a few price examples:

  • Poster 30x40cm € 10,00 / CHF 17,00
  • Poster 50x70cm € 30,00 / CHF 50,00


  • Leinenbild (Canvas) 30x40cm €   50,00 / CHF 85,0
  • Leinenbild (Canvas) 50x70cm €   70,00 / CHF 120,00
  • Leinenbild (Canvas) 60x80cm € 100,00 / 170,00

How can you link your family with another?

At the shoot, you will receive an invitation that you can pass on to other groups / families (via email, WhatsApp & Co). When your loved ones visit us for a shoot, all they have to do is show this invitation to our staff and we’ll know which shoots belong together.

Do you need to link up with others?

No, we can also make a Faces! collage consisting only of pictures from your shoot.

How big does a Faces! collage get?

However you wish.

Depending on the number of people and different pictures taken, there are a number of different possibilities and formats. Just let us surprise you with our suggestions after the shoot!

As far as digital resolution is concerned, all output formats are possible, even very, very large images intended for a wall.

When, if not now?

The pandemic is the best time to get in touch with your loved ones. When, if not now, are you flexible on the date and when, if not now, do we need to get in touch with each other more than ever!  In Austria and Germany, only groups of people who live in the same household are currently allowed to come to us. With Faces! you can still create a group picture together!
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